SpiNNode- Project SpiNNaker on the edge

Transitioning from the cloud to the edge, the SpiNNode initiative presents a significant leap in the realm of edge computing. Underpinning this advancement is the hybrid nature of SpiNNaker2 chips, renowned for their computational density and energy-efficient, event-based operations. The EIC transition project, with a generous funding of 2.5 million € from the European Union , propels this initiative further.

In the initial phase, SpiNNode offers a glimpse into the future, utilizing SpiNNaker2 for real-time processing demonstrations that show immense edge capabilities. As we progress, the goal is to miniaturize the technology towards a single chip PCB prototype to handle real-time processed sensor streams, therefore expanding the horizons of SpiNNaker2 tech. This cloud-to-edge continuum not only broadens our market reach but sets a benchmark for real-time AI processing. The culmination of the SpiNNode project, running over the next two years, promises to reshape the landscape of AI hardware, providing real-time, energy-efficient solutions.


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